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Greetings All,

I have been thinking about creating a site that housed my art work, yoga offerings, and novels for a while. The general consensus is that I needed a separate web site for each, but the world is changing. Everything we create is connected. The energy I use to write a novel and paint a picture are the same. They are not separate. When I teach yoga I view the human form as a work of art. So, I have created a web site that brings all three disciplines together under on roof. I will be posting articles about the progress of my new novel (working title The Ascent). I am writing a trilogy so if you have not read the first installment, Between the Cracks, you can purchase it on amazon. I am very excited about the possibility of my web site growing and developing into a space where visitors can grow and enjoy my offerings. This will be a short introductory post. Please visit my web site at I welcome any question or comments.

Embrace the Unknown,

Carmela Cattuti

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