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Yoga Over 50

If you're over 50 and have wanted to start a yoga practice but do not want to go to a yoga studio then check out my patreon page and become a patron!

I would love for you to join the tribe. There are monthly videos and live classes!


Receive the first chapter of Between the Cracks when you subscribe below. 

"Carmela is wonderful. She knows her field and she reads her clients very well. Excellent teacher. Recommend her highly."
Stephanie Reich, Professor Berkeley School of Music.

Carmela led a wonderful 45 minute long yoga and mindfullness session for our family and friends during our wedding weekend. She was able to lead an engaging class while still being mindful of participants varying levels of practice and offering appropriate modifications. Everyone had a great time, thank you again!  Elena, happy bride

Carmela Cattuti's yoga teaching career began at age forty two. Opportunities for teaching came to her and a new career path presented itself. Her nursing background gave her a deep understanding of health and assisted in her study of Iyengar alignment and safety. After fourteen years of study she found that all her abilities merged and she could offer students a safe and vitality producing experience. She integrated her talent as an artist into her approach to postures and spiritual concepts. This approach added another layer to her presentation and execution of poses. Carmela is able to direct students through restrictions in body, mind, and spirit. She assists students to feel their way through the postures to embrace what is on the other side of the process.



Carmela's artist sensibility permeates her approach to the body as a work of art in progress. Her focus in art-making and yoga is to create balance and vitality in form. The disciplines of painting and yoga came into her life simultaneously. “If one color or shape doesn't work,” says Carmela, “or if you don't have the skill to execute your vision, then change the shape to accommodate your organic process. In this way, you can be your own authority during your yoga practice.”


In Person and Skype Private Sessions

In the privacy of your home, office or our Back Bay location, yoga instruction is individually tailored to each student's needs. Chanting, breathing, and movement make up a session to bring harmony and joy into the body, mind, and spirit. 

Private sessions are designed around your specific needs. The focus of your sessions is up to you. Examples are: stress transformation, cardio vascular, pre or post-natal, posture flows or detailed examination of postures. Weight work can also be incorporated into your session. Can't leave home or you travel quite a bit no problem. Skype sessions also available. Pay below. I am also available for corporate yoga and group sessions.

Purchase Private Sessions 

1 Hour Private: $100- pay below

 Package: $500 Sign up for 6 sessions and receive the 6th one Free (must be paid on or before the first session) 

To schedule a session click "more" then click schedule.

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Have you ever thought about teaching prenatal yoga but were afraid that you didn't have the knowledge or skills? Have you bought into the myth that you need a month's expensive training to teach an effective prenatal yoga? Carmela's online prenatal yoga program teaches students valuable skills from teaching a powerful basic prenatal class to how to handle a pregnant student who walks into your vinyasa class. "Most yoga teachers freeze up when a pregnant student walks into their general yoga class," says Carmela. "They just need to have a few skills to teach that student successfully." 

There are no fillers in Carmela's program. We have all taken weekend workshops where there was a-lot of extraneous  information. Carmela's program is to the point and after the first few modules you will be able to employ your new knowledge. A huge benefit of this online program is that it will transform your over-all teaching.

Please visit for more detailed information about the program and to download your FREE prenatal yoga training Module. Please email Carmela with any questions or to arrange a phone call at

The Online Prenatal Training was fantastic from start to finish -- and with the continued connection that Carmela provides, there really is no end to the support and learning one gets as part of this training.
Jacqueline Demeri, yoga teacher and author of Animooves: Yoga & Creativity Inspired by Animals, currently available on Amazon


Carmela Cattuti Creative is an amalgamation of my creative output over the past thirty years. The disciplines of visual art, writing, and, yoga practice utilize the same energy; higher mind combined with intuition. I have an artistic approach to my yoga practice. I approach the body an a work of art which assists students to view their form as malleable and open to change. This point of view is also expressed in my writing. Creativity and change are themes that echo throughout my work. I am a graduate of New York City College and received my Masters in English Literature from Boston College.


Thanks for stopping by my site. If you have any questions about yoga, art work, or my books please email me. You can also find me on my facebook page at where I post new paintings, do yoga trainings, and share background about my writing. 

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