Art Work

Wise Man
Cast DrawingCharcoal and white chalk on canson paper.

Prudential Fashion
These dresses are designed by students from Mass Art in Boston. This exhibit was focused on the feminine.
Quiet Still Life
This has multiple textures with subtle changes in value and hue.
In Memory
This piece is composed of objects that are unrelated but come to together to create a rest full but dynamic still life.
roman child
Pencil on pastel paper.
Prudential Mall, Boston
Fashions designed by Mass Art students.
oil on panel
Charcoal drawing of a cast on roma paper.
This is a classical still life in the 19th century French style.
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Thanks for visiting my art page. I have been painting for over thirty years and exhibit my work in the Boston area and online. I love sharing my point of view in visual art which is generally slightly different than other artists. I am becoming more realistic in my execution of form, but my goal is to maintain a surreal quality. If any of these pieces interest you please email me at 

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