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What We Need To Do Now

I am not a protestor or a political person, but I know what needs to be done so that those of us interested in grounding the 5th dimension in this 3D reality can be successful. People can protest to bring attention to the issues that plague our world, but it does not bring about permanent change. So what would generate lasting change in a reality that is constantly looking outside of the self to cure its ills?

To achieve enduring change as a race we are required to look inside through meditation and creative activity. Creativity is the key to healing the outer world and our inner landscape will point us in the appropriate direction. I know it is popular to ask our spirit guides for answers, but we need to ask ourselves. We are the source of our own healing and need to trust our inner world. For example, if we are guided to write a book then that is the direction we need to direct our energies. Our internal awareness will never lie or ask us to do anything beyond our skills. It is this internal process that requires commitment and trust.

Whatever we are drawn to is what we need to pursue for our soul's message to manifest into 3D realty. Bringing our creativity into form from our inner landscape is grounding the 5th dimension in physical reality. When we do this, our outer world will transform. That transformation is the fruit of our labor. We don't need to force things to happen when we are expressing our soul energy. Our soul energy holds the truth of who we are and when it is manifest in 3D it will resonate with universal truth.

I move into my creative work without thinking at any time of day. So instead of setting a certain time to create I pay attention to how my energy is flowing and I follow it. Then I pay attention to how my energy feels after I've worked on a painting, piece of writing or taught a yoga class. If it feels complete and peaceful then that tells me I have followed my inner landscape to generate my true expression in the physical world. It is that simple. Of course it takes time to acquaint ourselves with our inner world if we have always been outwardly focused and depended on approval from outside ourselves.

It is essential that we strengthen our self approval to move beyond the 3rd dimension. This takes commitment and practice but once we routinely connect with ourselves to create any other approach will feel disingenuous. So it greatly benefits our reality when we express in form something we create from the inside out. When we do this our creations will resonate with and inspire others to do the same. At first it may seem that we are wasting our time generating art work or writing, but when we do it for ourselves first we increase our confidence in who we are and healing begins. And once we build that confidence and appreciate what we produce, share it with others, then we will experience permanent change.

In Memory, by Carmela Cattuti, 11x14, oil on oil primed panel


Carmela Cattuti is the author of Between the Cracks and The Ascent. She is an oil painter and has sold her work throughout the Boston area. A graduate of Boston College Masters in Literature program she has taught journal writing, and wrote for The Somerville New. To connect with Carmela join her on facebook and check out her web site for more detailed information.

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