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5 Easy Methods to Increase Creativity

There are many ways to increase and tap into creativity. I am listing five that have consistently worked for me over the years. I do not differentiate the energy between creating art, yoga, and writing. They all spring from the same source. For example, I am in the process of finishing my second novel so a lot of my creative energy is go into that form, but I am also developing a drawing for the cover of the book. Both are related and use the same energy. In the yoga arena I am reworking my online prenatal yoga program which requires writing and visual skills. You can use your creative force for any purpose; for inner or outer change. Have fun and let me know how these five methods work for you.poses help us tap into our creativity more than others. Stay tuned for an online program.

  1. Develop a Yoga Practice- Yoga not only helps the practitioner become stronger and more flexible, but it assists the yogi in tapping into his or her creativity. The breath relaxes the body so the intuition can open-up. Not only do our higher thoughts become more accessible, but the wisdom of the body speaks to us. In the mind, body, and heart are where our creativity resides. Certain yoga poses increase creativity more than others. Stay tuned for an online training about these postures.

2) Writing- This is an excellent way to find out about your creativity. Sit quietly with pen and paper and close your eyes. Focus on your breath and whatever comes into your mind put it down on paper even if it doesn’t make sense to your thinking mind. This is how you access your intuition. Just let the words flow and don’t judge. If you have wanted to write an article or a book this is a wonderful way to start. If you prefer using a computer that’s fine. You will find that your creativity has a lot to say.

3) Burning Incense- Certain scents open creativity. I have found that frankincense does the trick for me. It has a sweet vibe to it and it relaxes the thinking mind. Some people prefer lavender. You can also use essential oils. Check out what works for you. Burn the incense during your yoga practice or writing session.

4) Art Work- You don’t have to be an artist to pick up a paint brush. If you are attracted to paint I suggest you use acrylic. You can get cheap acrylic paints in any art store. The point is: start working with color. You don’t have to paint a scene, just notice the colors you choose and those colors resonate with your body, mind, and spirit. They will teach you how your creativity presents itself. You can also make it more intentional by asking yourself for a solution to a problem. As an artist, I work with color all the time, but sometimes I work with color to access my inner world more directly.

Oil on canvas, Carmela Cattuti

5) Go for a Walk Without a Destination- This is one of the most useful practices for accessing creative solutions to problems, whether it is personal or professional. Just go out and walk whether you live in an urban or rural area. I know many people say to walk in nature, but everything is alive and we want to have a profound connection to our world regardless of where we live. Keep walking until you feel that you have come to the end of your journey. If you walk a certain way home from work, go a different way and take in the environment.


Carmela Cattuti is an author, yoga instructor, and visual artist. She has integrated all three disciplines into her business. Carmela creates yoga workshops that integrate writing and painting. If you would like to know more about Carmela and her services check out Carmela Cattuti Creative at Carmela also runs an online prenatal yoga teacher training at

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