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Healing and Creativity

I was interviewed by author Sheree Darien and our conversation centered on healing and creativity. We talked about how stress can effect our mental and physical health. After the interview I wondered about the path I had been on for many years and the twists and turns that I had to navigate. Without a commitment to living creatively I never would have stayed on my path and would have been left wondering what happened to my dreams.

I realized in order to achieve our dreams we need to commit to our individual creativity. Evolution and growth happens through creativity. I am a yoga instructor, painter, and writer and for those of you who have worked with me know that I am grounded and knowledgeable but also intuitive. We have been taught to mistrust creative inspiration and regard is as frivolous and insignificant. In reality, embracing our creativity releases stress and promotes emotional and physical well-being.

I have taught yoga for many years and have had many students say that since they started their yoga practice they are more centered and have less illnesses. Working on creative projects, whether they are through the body or a piece of art work, centers the mind and quiets the thinking mind. This helps us open up to the bigger picture and expand our perspective; it opens our vision. So regardless of your chosen practice, you are never wasting time when you're creating.

Enjoy the interview. Please over to and like my page. There are many free yoga practices and interviews with movers and shakers!

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