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Does Yoga detoxify the Body, Mind, and Spirit?

We have all seen yoga classes labeled "Detox Yoga." We assume that if we take that workshop or class we will remove toxins from our bodies. While this may be true, when we do a detox yoga practice it also effects our spirit and mind. Any unwanted or damaging thoughts can be released through a yoga practice focused on letting go. It is our intention that makes the practice effective. When we detoxify our body our spirit and mind follow. After we take a detox yoga class some of our bodies feel lighter, freer. and more energized. But, some of us may feel heavy and disoriented. Sometimes a detox class brings up feelings and thoughts from our shadow side to be acknowledged. So it's not all love and light when we detox; the parts of us that have been disenfranchised have an opportunity to be recognized and healed.

The thoughts, images, and feelings we encounter when we do a detox practice need to be addressed and cleared. Our spirit can speak to us and assist us on our journey in a yoga practice that focuses on detoxification. This approach to a yoga practice gives us the opportunity to acknowledge what has been hidden and to create something different in our lives. For example, if we are executing a headstand with the intention of observing our physical environment from a new perspective, we have the opportunity to observe our feelings around the discovery that our physical environment may not be what we think it is. Inversions often bring up unpleasant memories from past lives. We are then able to deal with and transform the fear.

In a detox yoga class we are given the option to mine our inner landscape and grow through every asana. When we do crow balance we can either think that we are building balance and strength or that we can access the vision of the crow in flight. One of the qualities of the crow is resourcefulness. This is an opportunity for the practitioner to dispel helplessness and become more resourceful. Every posture offers us qualities that to live a vibrant energetic life. Is is when we deny and ignore the darker energies that long to be discovered that we feel stuck and toxic. So when we as yoga practitioners and teachers take or teach detox classes, we need to remember to focus on the inner landscape so that we can let go of toxic thoughts that hold us back from discovering all that we are.

Carmela Cattuti is a long time yogi who specializes in private sessions, corporate work, prenatal, and stress relief. Carmela has a nursing background and uses her medical knowledge in her practice. She runs a free 3 Day "Sassy Yoga Challenge." This challenge focuses on authentic creative practice. To lean more about the challenge click here. Camela also has an online prenatal training for teachers visit her web site here.

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