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The 5 Advantages of Skype Yoga

Why would a yogi choose a teacher over skype rather than practice in a yoga studio? I have been teaching yoga for twenty four years and have specialized in teaching private sessions. I have found skype to be a useful and essential part of my teaching. What are the five advantages of a private skype session over an in person practice. Let's look at these advantages.

1) Flexible Time and Space

Working from the comfort of one's private space without having someone invade the client's private home is one of the major advantages of skype. The client does not have to travel to a studio and back taking time out of the day that could be used for other activities. Time is more flexible and can vary from session to session.

2) Travel is not an Issue

If a client is traveling he or she can have a session in their hotel room. This is especially useful for the busy business person who travels frequently and wants to keep up with their practice.

3) Cost Effective

Skype sessions are cheaper because the teacher does not have to pay for space.

4) Tend to be more Focused

Skype privates tend to be less chatty than an in-person sessions. In an in-person session it is more challenging for the teacher and student to avoid small talk. Because a skype session is on the web it is more of a learning situation.

5) More flexible scheduling

If a client needs to reschedule it can be done easily. There is no rescheduling of studio space which could take days to do,

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