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Yoga with a Purpose- 5 yoga practices that can be used for specific goals

Yoga is a technology that can support many of our goals. If we want to increase mental and physical stamina we can employ certain poses to meet that end. If we desire more creativity we can execute poses that will open our creativity. There is no end to the assistance yoga offers us. It is wonderful to do a generic practice but yoga done with a purpose enhances our lives in a focused way. Everyone has different needs and goals and yoga can get us to where we want to go.

After years of a generic practice it is inevitable that a practitioner would want more from a yoga practice. When we wake up feeling fuzzy and unfocused practicing a few yoga postures will wake us up mentally, energetically, and physically. We need our physical vehicle to feel alive and healthy to accomplish our goals. Yoga can do this even if we are not in the best health. It is a technology that transcends physical illness. Below are 5 practices that address specific goals.

1) Increase Creativity

~Forward Bends- These poses help us to more inward and calm the thinking mind. We want to reduce the chatter that emanates from our mind to connect with the higher mind that is the creative thinker.

~Standing Balances- These postures require us to focus our mind and allow the cells of our body to suggest adjustments to the pose. We take solutions out of the thinking mind and into the body.

2) Increase Stamina

~Sun Salutations- We have all done sun salutations but how many of us do them mindfully and are aware of each transition. Experiencing sun salutations with the body mind and higher mind brings an element to the practice that demands an increase in stamina.

~ Breathing Practices- Breathing practices automatically increase stamina, especially the fire breath, kapalbhati.

3) Increase Psychic Awareness

~Headstand- Headstands are wonderful for increasing psychic sight. They're excellent if you want a broader perspective on an issue.

~Simple Pose- Sitting Indian style with eyes closed is a superb way to open psychic awareness

4) Increase Strength

~Warrior Series- Sustain holdings are a wonderful way to increase strength. Warrior I, II, III are poses that demand we use our legs muscles and extend our arms at the same time.They are full body strengtheners.

~Plank Poses- These postures take practice but once mastered the practitioner is on the way to building both muscle and bone strength

5) Detoxify

~Twists- Twists cleanse our organs and encourage fresh blood flow. They are postures that support letting go of what we don't need.

~Planks- Deep sustained holdings of plank postures heat up the body from the inside. Generating heat without moving is a great detoxifier that allows toxins to move out of the system.


Carmela Cattuti is a yoga instructor, visual artist, and writer. She has taught yoga since 1994 and offers private sessions in person or via skype. Visit her web site at

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