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Creatives: Creativity is in the ReWorking

As I begin the rewrite of the first draft of my second novel I am discovering that creating takes on a new meaning. There is more doubt in the first draft, more stop and go. As I begin the journey of writing the second draft I am more confident in what I need to keep and what I no longer need. This is where many creatives get a bit stuck. If you are a painter and you no longer need to keep that object in your still life then it has to go. If you strive to keep it regardless of whether it fits or not then the entire picture will appear false and the viewer will feel confused. It is the same with a novel. If a creative has kept a scene or character because many long hours have gone into creating it, then the novel as a whole will not work.

In any reworking of a creation, creatives need to cut and then include. If an area in a painting or a chapter has been a mystery to the creative then it will be a mystery to the viewer or reader. This is the challenge in the rewrite that I am currently facing. Even if I am certain that a scene needs to be cut I still try to figure out how I can keep it. I am learning to let go and allow a more appropriate scene to emerge. I find that it is best to do a second rewrite by hand andleave the computer draft untouched so the original is left intact. This gives the option to keep the original scene and makes the rewrite less traumatic.

People say that growing old is not for sissies. I would say that being a creative requires a level of courage that would challenge the toughest personality. There are no sissies in the field of art and creation. Being a creative is not for the fainthearted or the timid. It requires a boldness and confidence that can only be mustered through the willingness to fail. After the third and fourth rewrite maybe the scene that was deleted needs to be to reinstated. This is the process of reworking; the willingness to stay open and readjust our thinking. This is the challenge of all creatives. It can be intimidating and humbling at the same time.

As a creative, take a step back and allow your creative medium to speak. Eventually it will possess a life of its own and will write or paint itself with your help. This a also true for yogis who creative with the physical form. Adjusting poses to express the inner-landscape in the present mement is an art form over-looked by many yoga practitioners. That is why I was compelled to design the 3 day FREE Sassy Yoga Challenge. This challenge increases intuition and encourages a creative way to view movement. I designed it with creatives in mind and it is a fabulous way to increase energy and enthusiasm for life in general. Would love to have all creatives attend. Check out the challenge here

Happy New Year! Keep creating.

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