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How will you use your creativity in 2017?

We all have access to our creativity. Some people call it "thinking outside the box," but that is also a limiting strategy. To really utilized our creativity for our own growth we need to manifest in the world, in some form, the quintessential us. It is the interior manifested in form in the third dimension. When we have a canvas in front of us it is two dimensional, but when we do a drawing or apply paint it becomes three dimensional. Whether visual artists are painting a still life or a landscape it always comes from inside. It has our imprint on the drawing or painting in our choice of application, color, and subject matter. Regardless of the system we use we are always in our creations.

Boldness is a necessary element in using our creativity in accessing and manifesting our creative vision. We have to recognize that stumbling blocks are part of the creative process. These blocks are there so that we are challenged to think more creatively about dissolving them. It depends on our style of dealing with adversity. Some creatives push through and keep going until the energy releases; others retreat and return to the block after a good nights sleep. Sometimes meditation will bring in a remedy or going for a walk. Find out what work for you.

We make New Year's resolutions that we know we won't keep this time of year. We can commit to being curious about our creativity and what it has to say. We don't need to do anything but pay attention. It may look like writing in the morning without a specific topic or agenda. We just want to give our creative self the attention it deserves. Our thinking minds are not superior to our creativity and intuition. They need to work in tandem to creative a third dimensional version of our creativity. One cannot exist without the other. A great idea may come to us but we need to bring it into form via our thinking mind.

So, how will you let your creativity shine in 2017? It is done best through the body. I want to invite everyone to join my FREE SASSY YOGA SEQUENCING CHALLENGE on January 9,10,11. Here is how you join: go to We will work creatively with poses, utilizing our creativity to express our intuition while using correct alignment. All levels welcome!

Happy New Year and keep creating.

Embrace the Unknown,


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