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Teaching Prenatal Yoga and the Benefits for Teachers

1) Improves Teaching in a General Class- The amount of focus and detail it takes to teach a prenatal class will spill over into your general class. You will develop what I call "subtle alignment abilities." If someone is slightly out of alignment for their body, you will see it.

2) Supports and Encourages Creative Thinking- Once you notice someone subtly out of alignment what do you do? You use your creative use of props from your prenatal class and apply it. Props are useful when used correctly and deepen the pose safely.

3) Serve an Under-served Population- A prenatal yoga class is still difficult to find. When I first started teaching prenatal yoga in 1994 I was the only one in Boston who held classes at 6 pm. We all know this is a very popular time in studios. It is still hard to find a 6 pm class so if you are interested in teaching prenatal yoga consider getting your own space and book that time. Your class will fill up.

4) Increased Satisfaction Level- We all know that teaching classes can get a bit boring after a while, but when a prenatal student tells you that your class is like an oasis to her it is tremendously satisfying. You may even receive emails that say how your class helped with delivery. In my experience, it is the most satisfying class I have taught.

5) Reach more People- Adding prenatal yoga to your schedule will increase your out-reach. People who may not have ever taken a yoga class may do prenatal yoga. This gives you the opportunity to market your other classes.

6) Increased Revenue- Teaching prenatal yoga will definitely increase your income. I recommend doing private sessions as well.

7) Improves Teaching Stamina and Resourcefulness- It takes a lot of stamina to teach an on-going prenatal class. There are many energies swirling around in a prenatal class: backaches, fear, swelling, nausea, you name it. You will become resourceful in dealing with all of it.

8) Develop Deeper Relationships with Students- Pregnancy is a joyful time but also stressful. When students stay with you throughout their pregnancy you will get to know them quite well and they will most likely return to your class with future pregnancies. They may also show up with their baby after delivery and encourage other women to continue with the practice.

If you are interested in teaching prenatal yoga check out my online prenatal yoga training at Many teachers have taken my program and have gone on to teach dynamic prenatal yoga classes. Also, visit my new website at

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