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Window into my Second Novel and a Glimpse into the Third

Greetings All,

I am finishing the first draft of my second novel ( working title The Ascent ) and I thought I would share some of the process. In the first novel ( Between the Cracks ) Angela, the protagonist, has experienced the most horrific experience of her young life; the 1908 earthquake and its aftermath in Messina, Sicily. Her family perished and she was sent to a convent where she eventually met and married her husband and immigrated to America. We see Angela in the first novel adjusting to her new country and her husband's family. Her American experience turned out to be different than what she had imagined and she continued to experience loss on many levels.

As I wrote the second book I began to see how she had influenced three generations of Americans. She had integrated herself into the fabric of American life through her talents and sensibility. This is the focus of the second and third novel: how she influenced the choices of those whose lives she touched, especially her adopted family. Customers who came to her to design and make clothes were changed by Angela. She had a need to share and connect. She was unwavering in her belief that her own story was relevant and people should know about it. Through her experiences she was able to develop a life of giving and helping others. High art demands that the viewer take notice and Angela knew how to command attention and share what she thought was relevant.

Throughout the second novel Angela transforms into a formative woman with a history that she shares and draws upon in every day life. In the first novel she is more internal and then becomes more verbal with her opinions as the second novel progresses. This novel ends i 1958 and the third one will be shifting timelines. The linear timelines of the first and second book is reflective of the time but the third book will treat time as fluid and malleable. I am honored to bring this character to life and if the reader comes from an Italian background much of the language will be familiar. I will keep everyone informed about the progress of the novel and the publication date. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

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